Charity Donation Project

Each year we receive around 400 pupils and volunteers to Tanzania to engage in community projects that centre on helping local communities. Tasks include building and renovating schools, making desks, teaching, participating in various sports or drip irrigation farming systems and other projects that hugely impact the ability for small communities around Tanzania to become self sufficient

For those occasions when you need something very particular, which is far outside the usual requirements and demands meticulous planning, Out of the box thinking and local knowledge.

Want to build a better future as a Construction and Renovation volunteer in Tanzania? By taking part in this project, volunteers have the opportunity to assist with a range of tasks designed to improve the infrastructure of local schools, childcare centers and important community spaces. This helps support learning, development and basic services within the wider Arusha community. Volunteers will be able to see the physical results of their efforts and make a lasting impact for the community for years to come.

Want to be a volunteer Teacher in Tanzania? Our teaching project is a fantastic way for volunteers to assist in schools in Arusha where classes are often large and understaffed. Volunteers gain teaching experience by leading classes or helping local teachers with lessons in a range of school subjects. Alternatively, volunteers are also able to work in a school for students with disabilities who need a great deal of attention and support to thrive and succeed at school.

Wondering how living and working as a volunteer in a Maasai Village is? The Maasai Immersion is a holistic project in which volunteers will have the opportunity to support the Maasai people with a wide range of tasks and gain an authentic cultural experience. Volunteers will eat traditional food and live day-to-day life the way the local Maasai tribes do while learning about their unique culture and lifestyle.

Maasailand stretches across northern Tanzania and is home to the Maasai tribe. As a Maasai Immersion volunteer you will engage in a unique cultural experience from start to finish. After arriving in Arusha, you will be driven to Makuyuni Village, where the environment is like no other and the local people are only Maasai.
Volunteers will have the option to take part in various activities according to their interest and the help needed at the time. For those interested in agriculture there is a fully operational farm with daily ongoing works to be completed to protect the plants and produce using organic methods and manual labor.
For those who want to get involved in teaching and childcare, there is an excellent local English medium school that offers opportunities to teach and nurture children.

Maasai people are known for their herds of cattle and this program has plenty of cows and goats that need care along with milking every morning to provide food for the school and volunteers. Whilst the children are herding the cattle, the Maasai women are busy bead making, and this is an opportunity for those interested in fashion and beading to support the women and their projects, giving advice on business plans and development. Furthermore, there is always a construction project happening at the site. Whether it’s a new school building, a new boma (hut) or repairs on the animal shelter, there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to put on their boots and gloves and get stuck in.